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Filter VCF annotated with external (AF or AC/AN) frequency information like vcfgnomad


Usage: vcfafinfofilter [options] Files
    -A, --any
      [20190723] Set the FILTER if **ANY** alt allele is over the threshold
      Default: false
      When genotypes are removed/changed, Dd not recalculate variant 
      attributes like DP, AF, AC, AN...
      Default: false
    -F, --fields
      [20180905]How to extract the AlleleFrequencies from a variant. Multiple 
      separated with comma or semicolon. e.g: 
      "AC/AN;exome_CEU_*;genome_NFE_AF;another_AC/another/AN". Input is a set 
      of AC/AN field pairs or/and AF field separated by semicolon. 'x/y' means 
      AC/AN fields. '*' will be replaced with AC and AN, hence, 'exome_CEU_*' 
      will be interpreted as exome_CEU_AC/exome_CEU_AN. Other field will be 
      interpreted as an AF field.
      Default: <empty string>
    --filter, -f
      set this filter if all ALT fails the treshold. If empty :remove the 
      Default: <empty string>
    --gtfilter, -gtf
      set this *GENOTYPE* filter if all ALT for a Genotype fail the treshold. 
      If empty :set genotype to NO_CALL
      Default: HIGH_AF
    -h, --help
      print help and exit
      What kind of help. One of [usage,markdown,xml].
    -nfe, --nfe
      Add INFO fields for the 'NFE' population created by vcfgnomad: gnomad_exome_AC_NFE,gnomad_exome_AF_NFE,gnomad_exome_AN_NFE,gnomad_genome_AC_NFE,gnomad_genome_AF_NFE,gnomad_genome_AN_NF
      Default: false
    -i, --no-valid
      Ignore INFO Field Validation. (e.g INFO field not declarated in VCF 
      Default: false
    -o, --output
      Output file. Optional . Default: stdout
    --treshold, -t
      Treshold for allele Frequency. ALT alleles above this AF value will be 
      subject to filtration. [Default modified 20180905]
      Default: 0.001
      When recalculating variant attributes like DP AF, AC, AN, ignore 
      FILTERed **Genotypes**
      Default: false
      Ignore missing VCF headers (DP, AF, AC, AN). Default behavior: adding 
      VCF header if they're missing
      Default: false
      print version and exit



Requirements / Dependencies

Download and Compile

$ git clone "https://github.com/lindenb/jvarkit.git"
$ cd jvarkit
$ ./gradlew vcfafinfofilter

The java jar file will be installed in the dist directory.

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Unit Tests




The project is licensed under the MIT license.


Should you cite vcfafinfofilter ? https://github.com/mr-c/shouldacite/blob/master/should-I-cite-this-software.md

The current reference is:


Lindenbaum, Pierre (2015): JVarkit: java-based utilities for Bioinformatics. figshare. http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1425030


I’m often asked to filter out variant that are too frequent in gnomad, but I must keep the data if any ALT allele is NOT in gnomad.

This tool filters VCF containing external allele frequency information (AF or AC/AN). Used as a complement of VcfGnomadPext.


$ java -jar dist/vcfafinfofilter.jar -nfe input.vcf
$ java -jar dist/vcfafinfofilter.jar -af 'gnomad_exome_AF_NFE,gnomad_genome_AF_NFE'   input.vcf
$ java -jar dist/vcfafinfofilter.jar -acn 'gnomad_genome_AC_NFE,gnomad_genome_AN_NFE'   input.vcf
$ java -jar dist/vcfafinfofilter.jar -acn 'gnomad_genome_*_NFE'   input.vcf